Aero Prop Floor Display Shipper – 200 or 400 Unit Shippers


Aero Prop with Floor Display & Complementary Pyramid Counter Display. Buy with 200 units or 400 units. Suggested retail $2.49 Ea.

Aero-Props come in assortments of Primary, Glitter & Neon colors. We suggest an assortment of all colors so that everyone gets their favorite color!

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Aero-Motions™ Floor display will fit 200 Aero-Props™ into 1 square foot in your store, proven to increase sales. Aero Props™, the original hand-powered helicopters, are a proven best seller with a high margin and fast turn rate. Over 30 million sold since 1991! Aero Props™ can be flown indoors or outdoors making them a staple seller year-round. Made in the USA to ensure quality and optimum flight performance. Just spin between your hands and watch them soar up to 30 feet in the air. Do loops, play catch, shoot a target, invent your own tricks & much more!

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 15 × 19 in

Assortment of All Colors, Primary Colors, Glitter Colors, Neon Colors

Display Quantity

200 Unit Floor Display, 400 Unit Floor Display