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Happy Customers are our #1 priority!

This is what Charles Mcmurry had to say when he received his Puddle Jumpers!

The package has arrived. It got here yesterday but I was so excited to get them and get going on my project I forgot to send you a THANKS…so here it is. Thank You. The helicopters are excellent and look great. The darker colored sticks are a nice accent to the maple blades.
Thanks for getting them into the mail so quickly. That is Customer Service at the A+++ level. When I get a little farther along I will send an update and a picture of what I am doing with these. Thanks again! – Charles Mcmurry
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Michaels Birthday Suprise!

“Hi Bryan!!
We just received our order today!! Just wanted to say thank you so very much for getting it out to us right away! My son, Michael also thanks you for the wooden puddle jumper & special bday message. So neat. Now that’s customer service!! 🙂
I know these will be delightfully fun at his party. Thanks again.
Melissa Landis
P. S.
If you’re ever looking for a reactive steel shooting target, I’ll hook you up.
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New Website Launched!

We’re glad you found us!

Welcome to the launch of our new website

We are pleased to offer you and your company even more choices of those tried-and-true toys that have brought so many miles of smiles over the years.

Parties, promotions, or perfect just for fun – try these proven products today!


aero-propsAero Props
Aero-Motion’s™ Aero-Props™ are fun on a stick! The Aero Prop™ is the highest quality flying propeller on the market! Manufactured in the USA to ensure quality and optimum flight performance, Aero Props™ are hard to beat. These hand-powered helicopters are simple to fly and completely addictive! Just spin between your hands and watch them soar up to 30 feet in the air. Do loops, play catch, shoot a target, invent your own tricks & much more!


aero-topsAero Tops
Aero-Motion’s Aero Top™ is the plastic model of the original Tom Thumb Finger Top™ and is the newest addition to Aero-Motion’s™ classic line of toys. This Top has been precision designed out of high-impact, high-density materials to spin for up to 60 seconds! Spin them right side up or upside down! Aero Tops™ are guaranteed to keep you spinnin’ & grinnin’!


newtons-yoyoNewton’s Yo-Yo
Aero-Motion’s Newton Yo-Yo’s™ are a universally popular classic toy. They are high quality and have been crafted from hardwood for over 25 years. Sleep, walk the dog, & around the world all while keeping a nostalgic feel. Your guaranteed to get a one of a kind experience with this old fashioned wooden yo-yo!


finger-topsFinger Tops
Aero Motion’s™ Tom Thumb Finger Tops™ combine classic wood turning design with a timeless toy that’s been popular in all cultures around the world. We’ve refined our design process for over 30 years to ensure optimum spinning performance & fun!


puddle-jumperPuddle Jumpers
Aero-Motion’s™ Puddle Jumper™ is the original hand powered flying propeller and has been crafted from hardwood for over 35 years. This classic toy provides hours of fun and is sure to make or bring back long lasting nostalgic memories of flight. These hand-powered helicopters are simple to fly and completely addictive! Just spin between your hands and watch them soar up to 30 feet in the air. Get outdoors for some high flying action with Puddle Jumpers™


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